Lubo was a Husian man who served as a security guard on the planet Hus-24. He reported to Glynko.

History Edit

In February 2274, the crews of the USS Enterprise and USS Venture were captured, with male officers forced to mine tritanium in a mine on Hus-24. Lubo was one of the guards assigned to the mine. At one point, a Starfleet prisoner called the guards, claiming to have a message for their leader Edrem. Glynko handed Lubo a phaser rifle and told him to investigate.

One of the Starfleet officers, Lieutenant Tulb, tried to sneak up on Lubo, but a pebble gave him away. Lubo had not killed anyone before and hesitated for a moment, just long enough for Tulb to kick away the rifle. While they both struggled to get control of the weapon, Glynko aimed his Atalskes phaser IV at Tulb. He accidentally hit and disintegrated Lubo. (TOS comic: "Husian Gambit")


  • Author Thomas Warkentin inadvertently misidentified Lubo as Glynko in one panel.



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