The Luna repair base was an installation and repair facility on Luna in the 23rd century.

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In the year 2266, after a cosmic storm cracked the forward secondary hull, the USS Enterprise put in at the nearest repair base, starship lunar repair base-17, and crew took R&R on Earth. A disgraced former crewman, Red Garvin, and two accomplices sneaked onto the base, knocked out a guard named Zari, and boarded the starship. They retrieved a ruby hidden behind a ventilation grid, the missing Great Eye of Ara. Garvin then planted a bomb he claimed would blow a 40-foot hole in the ship. But when the criminals disembarked, they were confronted by James T. Kirk and Leonard McCoy, who were able to restrain them and deactivate the bomb. (TOS comic: "Furlough to Fury")

It was possible that Spacedock had not yet been constructed by this time or was not available to handle repairs. Other Earth orbital facilities, such as the San Francisco Fleet Yards, also might not have been available. The designation 17 might have been the docking bay number where the Enterprise was berthed.

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