Starbase 47, aka Vanguard.

For the mirror universe counterpart, see Lurqal (mirror).

Lurqal was a Klingon female born into a caste of political and scientific elites. As she was not born into a warrior caste, she was not by nature a warrior.

To serve the Empire, Lurqal began a career with Klingon Imperial Intelligence, whom assigned her to infiltrate the Federation Diplomatic Corps. To this end, I.I. provided her with the cover identity of a Human woman named Anna Sandesjo.

In 2265, Lurqal was assigned as liaison to Federation Ambassador Jetanien on the starbase designated as Vanguard in the Taurus Reach, where she reported to a member of the station's Klingon delegation named Lugok.

Unbeknownst to Lugok, Lurqal had become a double agent working for Starfleet Intelligence operative T'Prynn, with whom she was romantically involved. Lurqal would pass on to Lugok information provided to her by T'Prynn. Lurqal looked forward to the circumstances in which she would eliminate Lugok. (VAN novels: Harbinger, Summon the Thunder) She never got that opportunity. In an opportunity to allow for the rescue of the USS Sagittarius, T'Prynn deliberately gave Lurqal false information and this disinformation caused her to be exposed to the Klingons as a double agent. Because of this, their romantic relationship ended, however T'Prynn was sending her away to Starfleet Intelligence where she would be given a new identity and life, but the ship she was attempting to leave Vanguard on was bombed by an operative from Imperial Intelligence. (VAN novel: Reap the Whirlwind)

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