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Lycos V was a planet, the fifth planet in the Lycos system, located in the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants. It was the homeworld of the Lycosian civilization.

History and specifics

In 2277, while passing through the Lycos system on a training cruise with Starfleet Academy cadets, the USS Yorktown discovered in orbit an abductor mothership snatching Lycosians with flying saucers. Yorktown attempted to stop the abductions, but was crippled by heavy weapons fire. The USS Enterprise responded to their distress signal and rescued surviving personnel. James T. Kirk, Spock and Leonard McCoy intended to transport down to the surface to see what the Abductors were doing personally, but their transporter beam was intercepted and they rematerialized aboard the mothership. (TOS - Untold Voyages comic: "Odyssey's End")

In 2379, Captain William T. Riker improvised a Lycosan Reuben sandwich for lunch one day, in TTN novel: Taking Wing, perhaps a meal that could be found on Lycos V.



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