Captain Lysander Murat was a Human male who was second-in-command of the Human forces on Torgu-Va.


Lysander was short with heavy shoulders. He had black wavy hair (speckled with grey) that came up to a widows peak just above the bushy eyebrows and icy blue eyes. Lysander also had a gallic nose, high forehead and full lips. He moves like a street fighter.

Lysander was the son of Commodore Lucian Murat and Julia Murat. He had four other brothers that had already been killed by 2367. One of these brothers was named Tillean Murat. Lysander had a daughter named Alissia Murat.


Lysander was running the day-to-day operations at the Federation Battle Station Torgu-Va. Besides the planning he would also lead the troops from the front line. Lysander was proficient in both knife-fighting and tactics in their war against the Tarn. Lysander gave the illusion that he was leading the war efforts by himself, but in reality he was only second-in-command to his father, Lucian. It was a secret that his 200+ year old father was still alive in stasis and that Lysander would revive him for consultation when needed.

Lysander had a great hatred for the Tarns. When Commander William T. Riker and Doctor Janice Eardman arrived in 2367 to announce that the Federation-Tarn War had ended 200 years earlier, Lysander rejected their orders for a cease-fire. Both for his hatred of the Tarn, and knowing that his Father would not approve. However, when faced with the threat of mutually assured destruction and the news of the death of his daughter, Lysander defied his Father and ordered a stand-down of the Human troops. Harna Karish, leading the Tarn troops then agreed to the cease-fire as well. Lysander and Harna soon entered into a dialog for a peace treaty between the two sides.

With the war concluded, Lysander had an option to leave Torgu-Va, but he elected to stay and rebuild on the planet. (TNG novel: The Forgotten War)

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