The M1 Garand was a type of projectile weapon used by the United States of America and a number of its allies during the mid-20th century. This rifle was used in World War II and the Korean War.

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The soldiers at Roswell Army Air Field used the M1 Garand in 1947 when Quark, Rom and Nog had crashed in New Mexico. (DS9 episode: "Little Green Men")

When the Hirogen had re-created World War II on the USS Voyager holodeck in the Voyager crew were equipped with the M1 Garand rifle. (VOY episode: "The Killing Game")

In an alternate reality in which Nazi Germany had occupied portions of the United States, some of the resistance fighters were using the M1 Garand rifle. (ENT episode: "Storm Front")

The designs for the M1 Garand were present in the databanks on the USS Verdun. In 2163 Commodore Lucian Murat had downloaded the schematics that were used by the Human forces on Torgu-Va to make this weapon in their fight against the Tarn. When Commander William T. Riker first saw the Garand rifles, he had to resist the urge to ask to inspect the weapon. (TNG novel: The Forgotten War)



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