The MA12-class was a Gorn Alliance class VI cruiser starship in service in the 23rd century.

The original MA-12 was a cruiser design that crewed 120 Gorn, officers and men, and a later MA-12-D model variation increased this capacity to 136. Vessels of this class measured 115 meters in length, 81 meters in width and 40 meters in height. The initial mass of the basic design was 50,000 metric tons. The MA-12 warp engines were GWC type, while the D model had engines of the GWD-1 type. Basic MA-12 vessels were rated to cruise at warp factor 6 (OCU) and max out at warp factor 7, with the D ships possessing increased capacity for warp 8. The MA-12 impulse engines were of the GIC type, with a corresponding increase to GIF-3 type in the D model. The standard MA-12 weapons had four GBL-3 blaster emitters, with forward, port and starboard firing arcs, and were defended by GSF model deflector shields. The uprated MA-12-D had expanded ship-mounted weapon capabilities, with six GBL-7 blaster emitters, covering aft, forward, port and starboard firing arcs. The vessels had added a projectile weapon, two GP-2 missile launchers with forward firing arcs, and were defended by GSH model deflector shields. (FASA RPG modules: Demand of Honor, Starship Tactical Combat Simulator)

The Gorn vessel Gress'sril is a notable member of this class, having been the instrument of the Cestus III Massacre in 2267. (TOS episode & Star Trek 2 novelization: Arena; FASA RPG modules: Demand of Honor, Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update)

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The Gress'sril was illustrated very vaguely in the remastered episodic presentation of "Arena" and does not closely resemble the MA-12 model as seen in FASA Corporation RPG reference works and modules. The ship as seen might represent some sort of variant from the class seen in non-canon works.

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