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The Ma-Karn class (designated Theta-class by Starfleet) was a type of raider utilized by the Miradorn in the 24th century. (CCG set: Second Edition; DS9 episode: "Vortex"; CCG set: Deep Space Nine)

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A vessel of this class was 220 meters long, armed with disruptors and protected by deflector shields. A raider could attain a speed of warp factor 8.7 by 2369. (ST reference: The Official Starships Collection issue 147: "Baran's Raider")

Ma-Karn-class ships were well armed attack vessels, with dual torpedo launchers and dual plasma charge emitters located at the front of the vessel. Ma-Karn-class vessels were unusually large for a vessel of their capabilities, to accommodate Miradorn twins among their crews. These raiders were unscannable largely due to their design. (CCG set: Second Edition; DS9 episode: "Vortex"; CCG set: Deep Space Nine)

In 2369, a Ma-Karn-class raider commanded by Ah-Kel traveled to Deep Space 9. During the visit, Ah-Kel's twin, Ro-Kel, was killed by a man named Croden. When a Starfleet runabout left the station to return Croden to his homeworld in the Gamma Quadrant, Ah-Kel pursued them. The raider was later disabled by the ignition of toh-maire gas in the Chamra Vortex. (DS9 episode: "Vortex")

From 2369 to early 2370, the privateer Arctus Baran and his crew used the Fortune, also identified as a Virayllan-class raider, to search for the Stone of Gol artifacts. (CCG set: Tenth Anniversary Collection, card: "Fortune", CCG set: Energize, card: "Fortune", TNG episode: "Gambit")

In 2409, the Alpha Quadrant Alliance studied and adapted privateer vessels from non-members like the extinct Husnock, the non-aligned Miradorn, and the entrepreneur Amarie. Through a privateer lock box offered by the Lobi Crystal Consortium, the Theta-class vessel thus became available to Alliance commanding officers as a tier 6 heavy raider. Vessels of the class, like the Theta, came equipped with Krieger wave-based disruptor weaponry. (STO - "Season 13: Escalation" mission: "Spin the Wheel")

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