Maark was an Orion slave serving as a senior officer on a freighter belonging to the Buban, in November 1508 BCE (reference stardate -35/0811). Together with Ombrey, they organised the theft of two armed freighters, named the Revenge and the Fate, leading to the birth of Orion piracy.

Ombrey and Maark established hideouts on Avali and Ugoan that same year. These would form the heart of a widespread network of secret supply stations and repair facilities, while other Orion Colonies would provide aid and supplies of crew and equipment, though none of them could ever return to their homes.

They would go on to raid and capture other ships to add to a growing Orion pirate fleet, rising to 200 merchant vessels in less than 50 years. They aimed to provide star travel to Orions that wasn’t dependent on their alien masters, and maintain an illusion that their Orion slaves weren’t complicit in this. Ultimately, these pirate fleets would be instrumental in the Orion War and the battle for Orion independence.

Later legend would embellish the event into the Orion Dawn, and have Ombrey and Maark learn their skills as slaves in a freighter’s hold, and lead a revolt of manual labour slaves to seize the ship. (FASA RPG modules: The Orions: Book of Common Knowledge, The Orions: Book of Deep Knowledge)

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