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A Kaylar wielding a mace.

A mace was a type of cudgel, a hand-held mêlée weapon in which a heavy object was connected to a handle by a staff.


A mace was useful for disabling or warding off an attacker. (Star Trek Adventures RPG module: Core Rulebook)

It caused similar amounts of damage to a flail or axe. (FASA RPG module: Game Operations Manual)

Leverage allowed it to impact with more striking power than a club, but its range was more limited than a lirpa. (Heritage Models RPG module: Adventure Gaming in the Final Frontier)

On advanced worlds, maces were collectible antiques acquired for 225 credits. (FASA RPG modules: Spacelanes: The Magazine of Interstellar Trade, Trader Captains and Merchant Princes (2nd edition))


The mace was developed on Earth during the Middle Ages. (TNG novel: A Call to Darkness)

In 2254, a Kaylar on Rigel VII swung a mace at Christopher Pike, who parried the strike with a shield. The impact nearly tore the shield from his arm. (TOS episode & novelization: The Menagerie)

In 2269, the Messiah personality of Spock carried a mace-like weapon on the right side of his belt. (TOS novel: Spock, Messiah!)

In 2365, Lieutenant Worf's Klingon calisthenics program on the USS Enterprise-D holodeck included defending against a mace-wielding alien. (TNG episode: "Where Silence Has Lease")

In 2369, Wesley Crusher bought an old mace for Worf from Anit on Megara, hoping it would prompt the shopkeeper to talk about the local wars. Worf later used the weapon in combat. (TNG novel: Debtors' Planet)

In 2374 on USS Voyager's holodeck, Captain Kathryn Janeway defended herself from a holographic Klingon with a mace. (VOY episode: "The Killing Game")


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