Maeglin was a planet settled circa 2276 by a "back to nature" Tellarite group, and remained independent of the Federation.

In 2373, Maeglin suffered the first of three consecutive years of poor crop harvests. In 2375, the Maegline considered accepting assistance from the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, or from Androssi Overseer Biron. They eventually accepted the soil revitalization solution offered by the Androssi; unfortunately, it had the effect of creating a duonetic field which prevented any of the planet's electronic equipment from working. The SCE ship USS da Vinci then returned to Maeglin and were able to partially counteract this effect. Later, da Vinci chief engineer Jil Barnak devised a coating that could be applied to equipment in order to block the effects of the field.

In early 2376, an Iconian gateway opened on Maeglin, and six aliens calling themselves Yewqapoiueqrpoui came through, and were trapped once the gateways were closed. Da Vinci linguist Bart Faulwell was successful in finding a method of communication with the aliens and averting a continuing confrontation. (SCE eBook: Here There Be Monsters)

Fabian Stevens recalled the missions to Maeglin in 2381, when dealing with the farantine deposit discovered on Maxia Zeta IV. (ST novel: A Singular Destiny)

The confrontation between the da Vinci and the Androssi at Maeglin was first alluded to in the SCE novella Cold Fusion.

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