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You may be looking for the TNG comic collection: Maelstrom (collection)

The Maelstrom is a volatile region of space located near Badlands and the Briar Patch, on the edge of Federation, Klingon, and Cardassian territories. However, due to the inhospitable nature of many star systems in the region, no major powers had designs of colonizing the region.

However, following a survey by the USS Hawking, several scientists expressed great interest in studying the Maelstrom and its multiple attributes. One of the most interesting attributes is that many star systems in the Maelstrom have triple the amount of ambient radiation which is found in typical star systems containing habitable, Class M planets. This means that attempts by the Federation to colonize these planets had initially proved unsuccessful. However, in the mid-2370s, technological and scientific advances, such as environmental bio-filters and atmospheric shielding made the terraforming process possible on these planets.

By 2378, the Federation had began terraforming the two outermost planets of the Vesuvi system, in order to facilitate the mining of vast mineral sources. A Starfleet science station was also constructed in orbit of Draegos, third planet of the Vesuvi system

As well as high ambient radiation, the Maelstrom is full of subspace rifts, quantum destabilization, and high radioactivity. (TNG video game: Bridge Commander)