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Elite magazine

Spock reading Elite magazine.

Kay Eaton

Kay Eaton reading Galaxy Science Fiction.

A magazine is a recurring publication that includes articles of similar thematic content. Magazines can contain all sorts of information and images. The cycle of publication could be weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or even yearly. Magazines have been published both physically and as electronic media.

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Magazines have been published since the 17th century and have covered every topic imaginable. A number of licensed magazines have been devoted to Star Trek, some covering the entire franchise, others focusing on a single series or movie. Some have even included licensed stories.

Star Trek magazines[]

Star Trek Magazines
Collections Final FrontierStardate MagazineStarDriveStarlogComicExplorerFact FilesGiant Poster BookMagazineCommunicatorDS9 - The Official Poster MagazineThe Collector's EditionThe MagazineTNG MagazineTNG - The Official Poster MagazineThe Official Fan Club MagazineThe Official Fan Club of the UK MagazineThe Official Starships CollectionTOS - The Collector's EditionOfficial TNG MagazineOfficial DS9 MagazineOfficial VOY Magazine
Single Issues The Motion Picture - Giant Poster BookThe Motion Picture - Novel Pin-up Poster BookThe Wrath of Khan - The Official Movie MagazineThe Wrath of Khan - Official Movie Poster MagazineThe Search for Spock - The Official Movie MagazineThe Search for Spock - Poster MagazineThe Voyage Home - The Official Movie MagazineThe Voyage Home - The Official Poster MagazineThe Final Frontier - The Official Movie MagazineThe Undiscovered Country - The Official Movie MagazineGenerations - Official Movie Souvenir MagazineGenerations - The Official Poster MagazineFirst Contact - Official Movie Souvenir MagazineFirst Contact - The Official Poster MagazineInsurrection - Official Movie Souvenir Magazine

Star Trek stories published in magazines[]

Short stories published in magazines
TV21 Weekly TOS stories "Gateway to the Future"
Stardate Magazine TOS stories "Force of Law" • "The Killax Vendetta" • "Planetfall" • "Coronation Presumptuous" • "Boarding Party" • "Roleplaying in the Final Frontier"
Amazing Stories TNG stories "Last Words" • "On the Scent of Trouble" • "Life Itself is Reason Enough" • "Bedside Matters"
VOY stories "When Push Comes to Shove" • "A Night at Sandrine's" • "The Space Vortex of Doom"
Star Trek Magazine STO stories "Unexpected Honor" • "Shakedown" • "The Gale, Part 1" • "The Gale, Part 2" • "Mirror Image, Part 1" • "Mirror Image, Part 2" • "Chief, Part 1" • "Chief, Part 2" • "Of Chaos and Kal-toh, Part 1" • "Of Chaos and Kal-toh, Part 2" • "Dove" • "Backchannel Negotiations" • "There's No Place Like..." • "Locks Without Keys, Part 1" • "Locks Without Keys, Part 2" • "Hope Remains" • "After the Storm" • "Recruitment Drive" • "Time of the Scotsman" • "An Honorable Frontier"
Star Trek: Explorer stories "All That Most Maddens and Torments" • "Q and False" • "A Night In" • "The Offer" • "Seven v Seven" • "Quality of Life" • "Retribution" • "Broken Oaths" • "The Way to Exile" • "Kill Captain Proton!" • "Cumulative Damage" • "Explorers of the Storm" • "Prey" • "Growing Pains" • "Pulaski 2.0" • "The Disavowed" • "By Special Request" • "Paghabi" • "The Expert" • "The Guardian" • "The Mission" • "Things Can Only Get Better" • "Frontier Medicine" • "Control" • "The Victim" • "Scramble" • "You Can't Buy Fate" • "Summer Days Can Last Forever" • "The Kellidian Kidnapping" • "Lost and Founder" • "A Year to the Day I Saw Myself Die" • "See and Seen" • "Work Worth Doing" • "The Trouble with Jones" • "Sundering" • "Academy Acquisition" • "Jack of Diamonds" • "A Dish Served Cold" • "Forewarned and Three-Armed" • "Working Miracles" • "Confirmation Bias" • "Dignified Transfer" • "Attempted Break-in" • "Cat and Mouse"



News agencies and media in the United Federation of Planets
Organizations Altair Information Syndicate (AIS)BBC NewsCable News Network (CNN)Cygnus Media WorldwideDrid Interstellar NewsFederation News Network (FNN)Federation NewsnetFederation News Service (FNS)Ferengi Commercial News (FCN)GlobalNewsIntergalactic News NetworkInterplanetary PressMediaCommMediaMagixNew American News ServicePangea News ServiceProlificomm IntergalaxProxima News Service (PNS)Schlitz PeriodicalsSebrotnizskeapoierfSolarcorp News ServiceSolarian News AgencyStarfleet News ServiceSteriopolis PressSubNetTellar News Service (TNS)Trill News ServiceUnited Association PressUnited Earth Information ServiceUnited Federation of Planets Infonet (UFPI)United News ServiceUnited Press Interstellar (UPI)United Sol System Information NetworkWAXYWTYX
Publications Albany Times-UnionAmsterdam NewsAtlanta ConstitutionBolarus and YouCorriere della Sera/The Evening CourierThe Day of the AndroidEliteEsquireFederation Life MagazineFerengi AcquirerFree Vulcan GazetteGalaxy WeekThe GallianGreenville Journal GazetteHarper's WeeklyHush-HushInsider IllustratedInterior ArchitectureInterstellar MerchantLifeLondon TimesLookLos Angeles TimesLuxury WorldsMartian MedicineMcCall'sMcIverton Today!National CosmographicNational RegisterThe NewNew York AgeThe New York TimesNew New York TimesNewsweekOrlando Post DispatchPeopleThe Philadelphia EnquirerPorts IllustratedSan Diego ChronicleSan Francisco ChronicleSan Francisco GazetteSan Francisco RegisterSeekerSpacelanesSpace NewsThe Star DispatchStar YachtsStarfleet Academy newspaperStartling UniverseTimeThe Times-PicayuneThe TimesTinseltown TattlerTombstone EpitaphThe TransFederation ExaminerUFP Commerce ReviewUFP TodayUSA TodayVillage VoiceVogueThe Washington PostWatch the SkiesThe WorldYouth Life
Fictional publications San Francisco GlobeSan Francisco HeraldSan Francisco Sun
Programs Catching Up with NeelixFederation at WarIlluminating the City of LightMestiko This WeekNan's NewsnightNewstimei-NewsNewsNowTerra TonightThe Dr. Marv ShowThe Pascal Leight Show
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