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In the mirror universe, Magda Kovacs was a citizen of the Terran Empire.


In the 2260s decade, Kovacs worked as secretary for Harry Mudd, the revenue minister under Emperor John Gill. Many believed that her efficiency was the only reason Mudd survived politically. In return, Mudd paid for cosmetic surgery to make her stunningly beautiful.

In the year 2271, Spock approached Mudd to garner support for the Oswaldite movement, under the guise of a skimming operation. Kovacs, suspicious of his motivations, confronted the Vulcan. Spock seduced her, and she became one of his most loyal advocates. In 2273, Kovacs stabbed Emperor Gill to death with a letter opener, although the credit was given to Mudd, who succeeded Gill as emperor.

In 2281, Spock went through Pon farr and mated with the Vulcan woman T'Jal. Kovacs, bitterly jealous, traveled to Vulcan and revealed to the planetary ruler T'Pau that Spock was plotting a coup against her. Kovacs, determined to get revenge on Spock, became a prominent member of the Vulcan loyalist movement. In 2285, Kovacs was part of a group of loyalists that took control of the Imperial research base on Regula I, where the experimental Genesis Weapon was housed. Equipped with an exoskeleton that doubled her strength, Kovacs fought Spock hand-to-hand in the weapon chamber. Kovacs' plan backfired, though, as she accidentally killed T'Pau, and then fell into the beam of the Genesis Device, which reduced her to atoms. (Decipher RPG module: Through a Glass, Darkly)

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