Lieutenant Magner was a Human beta shift conn officer aboard the USS Enterprise-E in 2379. While the Enterprise orbited Tezwa and engaged the Tezwan and Klingon fleets, Magner served at the conn. According to Lieutenant Kell Perim, Magner was an excellent pilot. (TNG novel: A Time to Kill)

Manger was involved in many of Data's surprise tactical drills as they orbited Tezwa while the Enterprise was involved in the aid and rebuilding effort, and was amused when Falon Wriede suggested another since "no one will expect two in a row". Manger was also on duty when the vessel intercepted the freighter Venezia and ordered the impound of four others which had transported contraband shipments to the planet intending to implicate the Tholians in the construction of the nadion-pulse cannons. Manger was also on duty when deposed Prime Minister Kinchawn launched his coup d'etat, resulting in captured cargo freighters making kamikaze attacks against the Enterprise, although Perim took over. (TNG novel: A Time to Heal)

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