Mahfouz Qadir was a male Human living on Farius Prime in the 24th century. While he claimed to be a trader in antiques and archaeological items, he was in fact the head of the Asfar Qatala crime syndicate. As such, he lived a lavish lifestyle with a mansion on the Galldean Sea, surrounded by a lush Middle East-style garden.

In or around 2336, Qadir became interested in rumors and legends of a spatial portal located on an unnamed planet near Cardassian space, from which the pre-Hebitian culture there was able to travel to other planets. He hired Talma Pren, who in turn hired Su Chen-Mai, to investigate and find this portal. This effort failed, and it earned Qadir the personal enmity of Starfleet Captain Rachel Garrett, who promised to keep watch over his future activities. (TLE novel: Well of Souls)

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