Mahmoud Gamal al-Parneb Nezaj, called Parneb, was a long-lived male Human who claimed to be living backwards in time.

The end of his life was in 1198 BCE, when he was known as Parneb of Thebes, the construction boss under Pharaoh Ramses III. In Ancient Thebes, he would be considered a contemporary of Kapeshet, who centuries later would be the namesake of a far distant star, Kapeshet.

Parneb also claimed to know Merlin, the immortal wizard of King Arthur's court, though he would know him by the name Ahkarin.

In 2045, an experiment in time manipulation he was conducting on planet M-155 in the year 2264 compelled Parneb to transport Captain James T. Kirk, Commander Spock, Doctor Elizabeth Dehner, and Lieutenants Gary Mitchell and Lee Kelso to 21st century Earth. This experiment may have also altered the events of the present, causing the failure of a 21st century Vulcan starship on an observational mission and stranding two Vulcans on Earth.

Parneb agreed to help the Starfleet team reunite and recover the stranded Vulcans, then to obtain an abandoned DY-100 sleeper ship to return them to Vulcan. He then attempted to return the officers to their present, but an initial error resulted in the deletion of their memories of their excursion into the past.

Parneb supposedly married into the al Faisal family later in the 21st century, but produced no children.

Spock apparently encountered Parneb as a small boy in the streets of Thebes in the late 23rd century, while looking for a medallion he had left hiding in the city in the 21st century. (TOS novel: Strangers from the Sky)

It is unclear whether this character was indeed based on a real historic person from Ancient Thebes, or was wholly invented by the author.
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