The Mahn'heh Protectorate was a government and state that operated on the planet Vulcan long before the rise of Surak along with his peaceful message of logic. The Lords of Mahn'heh served as the ruling body of the Protectorate and thus decided on its course of actions.

At some point in the past, fighting over the settlement of ta'Valsh emerged and ran for eighteen days when the Mahn'heh Protectorate defied the calims of the neighboring Lalirh over the disputed territory of the Tekeh region. This led to a meeting between the Lords of Mahn'heh and the King of Lahirh with the talks involving how the Protectorate demanding a cessation of hostilities as well as reparations by claiming that their people settled Tekkeh in 164330. Furthermore, the Mahn'heh Protectorate demanded a hostage exchange of one of the sons of the Lahirhi King. The Lahirhi denied these charged and stated that any further actions against them by Mahn'heh would result in nuclear exchanges similar to the ones that destroyed the neighboring kingdom of Ovek two decades ago.

They were known to had operated the Ashif Station facility and following the destruction of the Rasha which they believed was a terrorist strike against them, the Protectorate responded by destroying a Lahirihi orbital station in the asteroid belt by using a matter-antimatter weapon. This act sparked open and renewed warfare between the two nations that impacted the Vulcan people. In the several wars that were fought, both Mahn'heh and Lalirh devastated each others populations by use of neutron bombs. (TOS novel: Spock's World)

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