Ensign Mai Duyen Trinh (pronounced "Mi Dwin Tring") was a female Human of Vietnamese descent in the 23rd century, and was the ranking archaeology and anthropology officer aboard USS Enterprise in 2270.


Trinh attended Hanoi National University and the University of Alpha Centauri.

Trinh joined Starfleet late in life following the death of her husband Luke. As the highest ranking member of her department, she nonetheless found it odd ordering around her elders and colleagues.

She began a relationship with Hikaru Sulu that lasted seven months before she suffered a crippling accident, after which she broke it off with him. The circumstances of her accident strained Sulu's relationship with James T. Kirk, leading to his brief transfer to the USS Courageous.

The accident led to her eventual death about a year later while in the care of her mother Nguyen Thi Yeh. (TOS novel: Allegiance in Exile)

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