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Gralmek surgery

Gralmek (also known as Krek or Kron) was a male Klingon in the 23rd century, distantly related to the House of Kahnrah. He was surgically altered to appear Human and in that guise went by several identities, including Arne Darvin and Barry Waddle.

Gralmek was not a QuchHa', but was born a mach ghotI', diminutive in stature and strength. Nevertheless he had a strong will and trained hard to become a warrior, but despite his desires his body was not made for that life and he was forever a runt.

In 2267, to Gralmek's apparent fortune, an opportunity arose for him to serve the Empire; knowing only the most minimal of details he volunteered immediately.


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Gralmek surgery

Gralmek being surgically enhanced to appear Human (Klingons: Blood Will Tell #2: "Beneath the Skin").

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