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Min Zife was the President of the United Federation of Planets during the Dominion War and its immediate aftermath. The Zife Administration presided over one of the most tumultuous eras in Federation history, and was eventually undone by its pragmatic realpolitik policies.

A Federation Councillor from Bolarus, the middle-aged Zife ran for president in 2372 against incumbent Jaresh-Inyo of Grazer, and fellow challenger Rel Obertag of Betazed. Jaresh-Inyo had been weakened politically by numerous foreign policy crises, the declaration of martial law on Earth, and an attempted coup on the part of Starfleet Admiral James Leyton. Zife ran on a platform of increased military readiness in preparation for the coming war against the Dominion, aided by his close advisor, Koll Azernal of Zakdorn. In the election, Jaresh-Inyo earned the smallest percentage of votes ever by an incumbent president, and Zife won the majority.


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