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Elizabeth Sherwood

Elizabeth Sherwood was a 23rd century Human woman who joined the Federation Starfleet in the 2280s decade. Sherwood was a young child when her parents were killed by a Gorn attack on Cestus III, an event that motivated her to join Starfleet in an attempt to protect others from such tragedy. Enrolled in Starfleet Academy in the early 2280s, Sherwood was among a group of officer-cadets who were instructed by Captain Spock. By the year 2285, Sherwood had been awarded an officer's position on Spock's training vessel, the USS Enterprise. In that year, the starship was attacked by Khan Noonien Singh on the USS Reliant. After Rear Admiral James T. Kirk took command of the situation, Sherwood remained a navigator on the Admiral's senior staff after the event. In particular, Sherwood benefited from observations of Kirk's command style of extreme confidence, a trait that had eluded her under Spock's tutelage, as his instruction stressed technical brilliance. Kirk gave Sherwood opportunities to join landing parties to further her experience, with noted improvement in her performance.


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