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Mak Dav Al was a Starfleet captain in the 26th century.

Mak Dav Al was in pursuit of a man named Mak Dav Al, who committed a crime regarding a personal identity conflict not known in the 24th century (specifically, he found his way to Al's skreee and terwelled him). During this pursuit, Al entered The Captain's Table, where he encountered Captain David Gold. During his stay in the Captain's Table, Gold told a parable about revenge and forgiveness, which had a profound effect on Al. He thanked Gold by cryptically telling him that the 24th century captain had been instantly recognizable to him upon entering the bar. (SCE - Tales from the Captain's Table short story: "An Easy Fast")

Mak Dav Al is likely named after David Alan Mack, author John J. Ordover's screenwriting partner.
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