Makora was a Vaalian and one of the former Feeders of Vaal.


In the mid-23rd century, he and his girlfriend Sayana became the first Feeders to procreate without the influence of the Vaal computer. (TOS episode: "The Apple")

For the next twenty years, Makora attempted to lead his people. He was able to form a new society/kingdom by amassing the most females and shortly after the most children. He also gave advice and counsel to his people who used to go to Akuta. He banished those who still worshiped Vaal.

In 2286, Makora then welcomed back Captain James T. Kirk and his landing party from the USS Enterprise-A and invited them to dinner, where he drugged them. At the dinner, Makora became enamored with Ensign Nancy Bryce to the point that he wanted to take her and marry her. He then chose Doctor McCoy as Bryce's champion, seeing him as the weakest. He then took Kirk and the rest of the landing party, excluding Ensign Konom, prisoner. He then arranged a tournament against McCoy and himself. However, McCoy was then saved when he and his mount were transported back to the Enterprise-A and Bryce was rescued by Konom.

Makora then led his people against the Vaalites, riding a beast. Makora and his people were able to defeat the Vaalites and were about destroy Kirk, his landing party, Akuta and Vaal. However, Vaal, following his joining with Akuta then chose to give Makora the antennae of the chosen, making him a feeder of Vaal. (TOS - The Return of the Serpent comics: "Paradise Lost!", "Devil Down Below!")

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