A makra

A Makra is a large land predator about the size of a Terran bear, native to the foothills of the Endas and Tavda Mountains on Andoria known for its ripping talons and binding speed.

It particularly tends to inhabit the foothills near the Blue Taiga. It is one of the most terrifying land animals on Andoria, and adult weighing anywhere between 700 and 950 kg and measuring 3 meters long.

Makra fur is short and oily, colored a deep gray. While its eyes, which give it night vision for hunting, are a bright yellow. It produces a bone-chilling call by taking short intakes of breath through its oral ridge, which is described as "like ripping metal: a noise that Vulcans, in particular, find ear-grating."

Makra young can be tamed, though make poor pets due to their ravenous appetites and huge size. But their hides are sturdy and supple, when cured, is the most popular and prized form of Andorian leather.

In ancient times, the makra was a symbol of nobility on Andoria. And is still used as a metaphor for "ferocity, might and tenacity."

Hunting the makra is still considered a "rite of adulthood" by the people of Clorisev, and Andorians from all over have made the pilgrimage to the Tavda foothills to try their hand at the chase. Followers of Eila Clahd consider the makra sacred, and believe in hunting it only with a pair of hrisalni to advance in the ranks of the priesthood. Eila Clahd makra hunts happen only every few years, and are highly publicized media events. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Andorians: Among the Clans)

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