Malach was a Klingon male who lived in the 24th century.


Malach was born to a noble House of Razg Klingon House within the Klingon Empire. Early in his youth, he would be sent Emperor Kahless Military City. There at the age of eight, he met Worf, Son of Mogh who was six at the time and forged a friendship with him that culminated in a bond that was witnessed that mark the two as blood brothers. Following that time, Malach continued his service within the Klingon Empire where he eventually reached the position of General shortly before the outbreak of the Dominion War. At the time, the Empire had left the Khitomer Accords after the Invasion of the Cardassian Union. This saw Worf be left as an outcast as he chose to side with the United Federation of Planets rather than support Chancellor Gowron, son of M'Rel along with the Klingon people.

In the aftermath, Malach was assigned an important task by Gowron which involved the capture of Deep Space 9 from Starfleet in order to secure it from a possible Dominion invasion from the Gamma Quadrant. Malach decided to personally spearhead this operation with the aim of bringing Worf back into the Klingno Empire. Part of the operation involved orchestrating an elaborate plan that made Commander Benjamin Sisko along with his crew believe that the Klingons had formed an alliance with the Jem'Hadar. Furthermore, elements of Project Renarg were introduced in order to further make Starfleet suspicious of the actions of the Empire. This saw the USS Defiant leaving Deep Space 9 and entering into the Gamma Quadrant in order to track down this supposed Jem'Hadar-Klingon alliance. This left the station defenseless and allowed Malach to take control of Deep Space 9 though he faced resistance from the few remaining crew left behind.

General Malach was ultimately killed in his attempt at taking the station and failed in his objective in retrieving his blood brother Worf.

As Malach was two years older than Worf, this suggests that he was born in 2338.


He was noted for his intellect and the fact that he did not respond as aggressively as normal Klingons would do so when challenged. (DS9 novel: Vengeance)

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