Malbret was a Cardassian soldier who was part of an elite five-man Cardassian Guard unit led by Gul Tartek. Malbret and the team were sent to Bajor in a Cardassian shuttlecraft in 2371, on a mission to retrieve a temporal disruptor left behind in a uridium mining operation two-and-a-half years earlier, during the Cardassian Union's withdrawal from the Occupation of Bajor.

One of Malbret's specialties was the uses of mining technology, and as such he was the member of Tartek's team assigned to excavate the time-device. When the chroniton radiation from the time-device started to cause the team's sickness and madness, Tartek fled the mine, with Malbret and the team pursuing him towards the shuttlecraft, while the temporal distortions increased. (DS9 comic: "No Time Like the Present")

It was not revealed whether or not Malbret was one of the mission survivors, as the mad Tartek did kill one of the men on his way out of the mine.
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