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Malibu DS9, Issue 29 is an issue in Malibu Comics' monthly Star Trek: Deep Space Nine series. The issue contains two parts of two stories, both of which were subsequently continued and concluded in the next issue in the series.



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Friend and Foe Alike
DS9 comics
Malibu Comics monthly series
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Malibu DS9, Issue 30



  • This issue marks the second time Malibu Comics used an anthology comic format to release two stories split over two issues of its monthly series. Previously the stories "Genesis Denied, Part I" and "Part II" and "Mudd's Pets, Part I" and "Part II" were released in the 26th and 27th issues of the series; these previous two stories and the two stories begun in this issues are the only Star Trek stories to have ever been serialized in anthology publications.
  • This short biography of Thomas Riker by Chris Kipiniak in this issue is marked as part one, and to be "continued in the next issue". The second part however, did not appear in the following issue but was instead published in "Turn of the Tide", the 32nd (and final) issue of the series.

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