Malibu DS9, Issue 30 is an issue in Malibu Comics' monthly Star Trek: Deep Space Nine series. The issue contains two parts of two stories, both continued from the previous issue in the series.

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  • This issue includes the concluding chapters of the second time Malibu Comics used an anthology comic format to release two stories split over two issues of its monthly series. Previously the stories "Genesis Denied, Part I" and "Part II" and "Mudd's Pets, Part I" and "Part II" were released in the 26th and 27th issues of the series; these previous two stories and the two stories begun in this issues are the only Star Trek stories to have ever been serialized in anthology publications.
  • Contrary to the indication in the previous issue this issue does not include the second part of Chris Kipiniak's biography of Thomas Riker, it was instead published in "Turn of the Tide", the 32nd (and final) issue of the series.
  • This issue does include The Promenade, a letters page.
  • The inside backcover of this issue features a full page advert for Crossroads of Time, a DS9 video game.

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