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This article is about Malic. You may be looking for Malik, an Augment.

Malic was a male Orion and a highly placed Orion Syndicate operative in the 24th century.

In 2376, Malic came to Deep Space 9 and offered Quark the opportunity to work for the Syndicate. Malic did not elaborate further to Quark at the time. (DS9 - Section 31 novel: Abyss)

Several weeks later, when the Iconian gateways opened, the Petraw masquerading as Iconians approached the galactic powers to sell the technology to the highest bidder. Malic was selected as the Syndicate representative, and brought Quark to Farius Prime to negotiate on their behalf.

Malic was suspicious of everyone around him; in his early days with the Syndicate, he had gathered intelligence to bring down one of their senior operatives who was laundering money away from the crime organization. However, Malic shared his information with another person, who eventually took all the credit. Following this incident, Malic bought a single PADD to store all of his intelligence and personal information on. The PADD was constantly upgraded, and had an ornate border of fighting Aldebaran serpents with a relief representation of a nude Orion female carved on the reverse. Ro Laren managed to steal the device when she and Quark made their escape following the collapse of the Iconian negotiations. After the escape, Malic gave the order not to destroy the Bajoran Militia flier that Ro and Quark escaped on, as they had taken one of the Orion slave girls, Treir, hostage. Malic was presumed deceased after the Petraw destroyed his vessel. (DS9 - Gateways novel: Demons of Air and Darkness)

The death of Malic was later confirmed and his loss was considered by the Orion Syndicate to be a severe blow. (ST novel: Articles of the Federation)