Malon export vessels, also known as Malon Garbage Scow, were a type of freighter used by the Malon in the mid 2370s decade of the 24th century.

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The Malon export vessel was used to transport highly toxic antimatter waste produced by Malon technology. The largest of these vessels were capable of hauling four trillion isotons of waste. These ships usually dumped their cargo in unpopulated areas, though dumping and traveling through populated areas is practiced, spewing waste as they travel, making them a menace to any nearby species. In addition to endangering other species, the scows were equally dangerous to the ship's crew. Life expectancy could be reduced by half for controllers and common laborers had a 70% chance of death during a six month tour.

In the year 2375, a Malon export vessel was sabotaged by disgruntled, radiation poisoned, core laborer. Most of the crew perished, and all but one escape pod survived. The Federation Starfleet starship USS Voyager responded to their distress call and was able to divert the freighter into a star. (VOY episode: "Juggernaut")


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