Maltabra City was a municipality on the planet Farius Prime, located on the coast of the Galldean Sea. The city was hot and humid during the summer months. A key feature of Maltabra City was its central bazaar, which spanned two kilometers in all directions from town center, and which attracted vendors from across Farius Prime as well as off-world.

Maltabra City was serviced by two spaceports -- one to the south of the city, and a smaller one to the east, near the sea. The smaller spaceport was often used for illicit shipments and trade, including red ice.

The Kohol District was an area of the city closer to the sea, and more impoverished. A main thoroughfare, Tajora Street, circled the northeast corner of the city, and then ran past the warehouses on the shore of the Galldean Sea for three kilometers. Tajora Street was considered the territory of the Asfar Qatala crime syndicate.

In 2336 Starfleet Commander Samir al-Halak visited Maltabra City, accompanied by his girlfriend, Anisar Batra, to see Dalal, the woman who had raised him after he had been orphaned. She lived on Gemini Street in the Kohol District, though she had previously lived closer to the bazaar. (TLE novel: Well of Souls)

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