Maltharin II was the second planet of the Maltharin system. The system was uninhabited and relativity obscure. The system is three parsecs from the Federation world of Veldenia V.

Maltharin II is a desert world with a thick atmosphere. The mineral breakdown for the planet is 43% normal metals, 20% gemstones, 18% industrial crystals, 1% radioactives and a trace of special metals.

Technically the system lies within the Federation sphere of influence. However the Gorn Hegemony discovered and surveyed the world first. The Gorn discovered a concentration of dilithium. They set up an outpost and a dilithium cracking station. This outpost housed a garrison of 300 Gorn troops and 50 station technicians. It also included a military landing field, barracks, shield generator station, administrative structures, storage units and various underground service areas.

When the Clanhaven Conference was set up, the issue of Maltharin II came up including a discussion over ownership. The Gorn Hegemony withdrew all troops and technicians pending the outcome of the conference.

The final fate of ownership has never been documented.

In 2269, the planet was used as a base for a band of renegade Gorn to attack Federation ships and outposts in hopes of sabotaging relations between the United Federation of Planets and the Gorn Hegemony. Gorn officials traveling aboard the USS Hastings visited the planet to resolve the situation. (FASA RPG module: Demand of Honor)

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