The Maltos IV natives were a species native to the planet Maltos IV, living in at least one area called the valley of the green river. They had more than two eyes and an antler on their heads. They also did not appear to have any qualms over eating sentients, as they were able to eat Klingons. Their Gods were called the Great Ones, which they gave sacrifices to, and their society was lead by the Wise Ones.

In the past, Jonathan Archer (whom they later called "the Prophet"), came to their world and told them of the United Federation of Planets. The natives had no interest, believed that he was crazy, and drove him away.

Many years later, the Klingons (whom they called "the Destroyers" and "the Ones Who Roar") invaded and enslaved the natives. Not long after the Enterprise came and James T. Kirk, Spock, and Leonard McCoy helped cause a rebellion which lead to the capture of the Klingons. They called Kirk "the Liberator", Spock "the Sage", McCoy "the Healer", and referred to the rest of the crew as the Way-finder, the Armsman, the Proclaimer, and the Machinist. When the ordeal was over, the natives wished to join the Federation, believing it to be their destiny. When the Enterprise left, they sacrificed the Klingons to the Great Ones and ate them.

The event was told in the Book of Fulfillment, which was a fragment of scroll that was discovered on Maltos IV by Richard Galen. (TOS short story: "Book of Fulfillment")

The fate of this species is unknown, but it seems that if the Federation discovered their cannibalistic side they would have not allowed them in.
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