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Malurians were an Beta Quadrant race native to the planet Malur in the Maluria system that was first encountered by the Enterprise in 2151.


Malurians were reptilian humanoids with grey, scaly skin that covered their bodies. Females were much larger than males and stayed on Malur, with each female taking a number of male Malurians as mates. Most males were also content to remain on the homeworld near their mates, however some were inclined to leave and explore the galaxy. Malurian males had no sexual interests with mammals, and mated for life with a single female. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: A Choice of Futures)


Malurian males operated in groups called alignments. Dular Garos was part of the Raldul alignment, one of the few groups willing to leave Malur and venture beyond their home system.

Reaching a technologically advanced stage by the mid 22nd century, the Malurians became masters of disguise. Masks designed by Malurian maskwrights enabled Malurians to disguise themselves as a wide variety of species. The more sophisticated masks allowed Malurians to operate in hostile conditions such as those found on Axanar. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Tower of Babel)

When first encountered by the Enterprise a band of Malurians led by Dular Garos had disguised themselves as Akaali in order to mine veridium deposits from their world. Due to the chemicals used nearby Akaali became seriously ill. Jonathan Archer and the crew of the Enterprise drove Dular and his Malurian counterparts off world, warning them to never return. Archer advised the Vulcan High Command to keep an eye on the Akaali homeworld in case the Malurians returned. (ENT episode: "Civilization")

The Malurians next surfaced following the Earth-Romulan War, when Malurian pirates such as Garos feared the introduction of law and order would greatly hamper their activities.

By the mid 23rd century the Federation and Malurians were on good terms, with a Federation science team allowed to take up residence in the Malurian system to study Malurian society. Unfortunately, in 2267 the Malurian civilization was wiped out by the renegade Earth probe Nomad. (TOS episode: "The Changeling")

Lt. Uhura discovered a survivor on Malur.

Twelve days after the genocide, Starfleet received a distress signal from Malur. Lieutenant Nyota Uhura of the USS Enterprise located a Malurian survivor who said he’d been on a prison transport during the attack, but that he didn’t kill his guard or the driver of the transport. The grifter said that four planets' worth of goods were his to sell, and his distress signal contained a hidden second signal: a global estate sale. As a compromise to bringing him back to Starfleet, the survivor agreed to look for other off-planet survivors using his communications technology, with a relay set up to direct survivors back home. Captain Kirk said an ambassador would review the case of the survivor’s estate sale. (TOS - Kakan ni Shinkou comic: "Communications Breakdown")

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