Malvak, son of Jorq was a QuchHa' Klingon. He worked as a miner to support his wife and daughter on Mempa VII.

In 2269, Malvak was working at a dilithium mining facility on Beta Thoridar in order to make money so that he could feed his family. While there, Malvak befriended Krov. One morning, Malvak woke up and discovered that Krov was missing when his friend didn't meet him for breakfast, as was their custom. As Malvak travelled to Site wej for his daily routine, he continued to worry about his friend; he then discovered Krov's dead body with the throat slit. Malvak immediately suspected that Gahlar, with whom Krov had argued previously, killed him. However, the mine's security chief, Sorkav, son of Goryq, ruled the death an accident, so Malvak was forced to take action on his own. Malvak's supervisor, Torad, son of Keldraq, refused to help, so Malvak ended up killing Gahlar himself and was subsequently executed by Sorkav. The injustice surrounding Krov and Malvak's deaths led to active resistance against mine operators by the QuchHa', becoming known as the malvaq bortaS (bortaS is the Klingon word for 'revenge'). (ST novella: The Unhappy Ones)

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