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Manhattan was a borough of New York City on the planet Earth.

On 1 May 2053, the borough of Manhattan was completely destroyed by nuclear weapons during the opening minutes of World War III, killing millions of people. Virtually every major skyscraper and historic structure is obliterated, including the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. In later centuries, the radiation is presumably removed from the area, and the borough resettled, with much reconstruction of the destroyed landmarks. (TLE novel: The Sundered; ST short story: "The Immortality Blues"; Last Unicorn RPG module: A Cadet's Guide to Sector 001 Earth)

One of Doctor Phillip Boyce's final jobs on Earth before joinng Starfleet was as a pediatrician in Manhattan. (TOS comic: "Who's Who in Star Trek, Issue 1")

While exploring the city of Stratos above Ardana, Bart Faulwell noted a similarity between the structures on a lower level, and the brownstone buildings he'd seen while visiting Manhattan. (CoE eBook: Signs from Heaven)

Various Starfleet vessels have been named for Manhattan. See: Shuttlecraft Manhattan; USS Manhattan

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