The Manheim Temporal Research Facility was a space station of Federation design that was tasked with the study of temporal anomalies and other phenomena related to time travel as well as its manipulation.

The station was constructed after recent breakthroughts in temporal mechanics which convinced Starfleet to devote entire facilities to better understand the universe. One noted development from these structures was the ability to create temporal stasis fields within a confined region of space. It was also learnt that modifications to a ships quantum signature prevented allied ships from being affected by the field. However, those enemy ships which do not have the modifications are frozen in stasis until the field eventually destabilizes which allows time to be restored in that region of space.

Though a noted defensive technology, the continued use of the ability has been a source of much debate among the Federation Council which has only allowed the facility to make use of the 'weapon' during times of war or under extreme circumstances.

(TNG video game: Armada)


  • This station served as the Federation super weapon within the game.
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