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Starfleet Academy graduate Sonya Gomez has received her dream assignment: the Starship Enterprise. Captained by Jean-Luc Picard and working under the supervision of Chief Engineer Geordi La Forge, Gomez hopes to make her mark on the flagship. Her initial months are difficult--an incident involving Picard and a cup of hot chocolate is followed by a brutal encounter with the Borg--but Gomez slowly begins to find her place on the Enterprise even as the ship deals with crises, from the Pakleds to the Ferengi to a return engagement with the Borg. But it is her colleague, Kieran Duffy, who proves to be her greatest challenge, as the driven young woman must decide if a relationship is something that fits with her notion of a Starfleet career…



Chao-Anh AleakalaTess AllenbyBigay AmpalayonReginald BarclayEsmeralda ClancyGarfield CostaBeverly CrusherWesley CrusherRoga DanarDataAlfredo Della GuardiaDershowitzKieran DuffyDavid GoldBelinda GomezSonya GomezGuinanKeiko IshikawaSirna KolramiMartin KopfBernie KornblumGeordi La ForgeRobin LeflerCliff MeyersMonroeKoji OliverJean-Luc Picard/LocutusWilliam T. RikerDennis RussellKatrine SchönhertzElizabeth ShelbyMarguerite ShermanTempleLian T'suHelga Van MayterWorf
Referenced only
Anna Maria AmalfitanoLeo AntonidasMichael ArgyleJeremy AsterMarla AsterBeth BrackenRichard BrautiganBrunerCrystalline EntityDaviesDeSotoAmy DuffyEl'srykJosé EstebanFriedelGenrySerena GibsonGodGuadalupe GomezGomtuuSoon-Tek HanJ.P. HansonChristy HenshawJack the RipperK'EhleyrKurak, daughter of HalekaKurnUrsula Le GuinCharles LoganLeland LynchSarah MacDougalMahowiackKila MarrMcKnightNaharodnyNayrokMiles O'BrienMolly O'BrienPhyloPrixisKatherine PulaskiQXin Ra-HavreiiWilliam RossSalekSarjenkaMontgomery ScottShangeSinghOrfil SolisTanakaT'DarT'LotaT'ProllDeanna TroiLwaxana TroiXe'r'b'w'r's'oNatasha YarZelenetsky

Starships and vehicles

Borg cubeUSS da Vinci (Saber-class) • USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class) • USS Hathaway (Constellation-class)
Referenced only
Grenthamen waterhopperUSS HoodFMS KreechtaUSS Lexingtonluxury linerUSS OberthUSS ProgressRomulan warbirdrowboatUSS SentinelshuttleUSS StargazerUSS Yamato


Alpha QuadrantAngosia IIIBraslota systemDelta QuadrantEarththe galaxySelcundi Drema sectorStarbase 96Starbase 173Ten-Forward
Referenced only
Archer IXBerengariaBeta Renner CloudBetazedDeep Space 9Drema IVGulf of MexicoHellJuret IVJureosaLondonMariposaMarsMcKinley StationMelona IVMintaka IIIMudor VNew ProvidenceNew York CityPaulsen NebulaRana VIRandall VRomulan Neutral ZoneStarbase 67Starbase 83Starbase 413Starbase MontgomerySystem J25Utopia PlanitiaViequesWolf 359Zeta Gellis Cluster

Races and cultures

Referenced only

States and organizations

StarfleetStarfleet Corps of EngineersStarfleet SecurityUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only
AnsataEndurance UniversityStarfleet AcademyStarfleet TacticalStarsThelian University

Ranks and titles

acting ensignadmiralarchaeologistauthorBorg dronecadetcaptainchief engineerchief medical officerchief of securitycommandercommanding officerconn officercounselorDaimondiplomatdoctorengineerensignfirst officerinspectorlieutenantlieutenant commanderlieutenant junior grademedical technicianmonknursepilotprime ministerprofessorquartermasterscience officerscientistsecond officersecurity guardterroristwitch

Science and classification

Technology and weapons

airlockantimatter containment fieldantimatter injectorartificial intelligencebiobedblast doorbombbone-knitterbulkheadchronometerclutchcombadgecommand chaircomputerdeflector dishdeuterium injectorduotronicElllix baffleremitterEPS conduitflagshipflow regulatorforce fieldgravity bootsholodeckhyposprayimpulse engineinertial dampenerisolinear chipmagnetic containment unitmagnospannermirrormolecular debondermonitorP-38paddphaserphoton torpedoreactor chamberreplicatorscannersecurity fieldsensorsensor arraysensor nodeShange shuntshield nutationshieldsshowersoliton wavesonic enhancerspeakerstarbasestarshipstructural integrity fieldsubspace acceleratorthrustertorpedotransportertribblecomtricorderturboliftviewscreenVISORwarp coilwarp corewarp drivewarp fieldwarshipweed-whackerwheel

Other references

19th century21st century23rd centuryalcoholalealienalpha shiftantimatterarboretumaway teambattle bridgebearbeerbeta shiftbirch beerbirthdaybittersblueprintbookbrainbridgecapital citycaptain's logcargo baycenturycloneclothingcolonyThe Complete Works of Richard Brautiganconcussioncoolant • "corner office" • dark matterdaydecadedemondeuteriumdilithiumDominion Warduraniumduty rosterEarl Grey teaEM frequencyengineeringEnglish languagefamtilFederation CupFederation Engineering Symposiumfire flowersfirst contactfishflowerflyfunhousegamma shiftgraduationgravitygreen teahairhawkhearthistoryholographyhomeworkhorsehot chocolatehouriceico-spectrograminvidiumJournal of Applied Warp MechanicskissKlingon Civil WarleatherThe Left Hand of Darknesslight-yearmattermetermicrogrammillisecondminutemonographmonthmoonnanosecondnebulanight shiftnoveloatmealobservation loungeOfficer Exchange Programointmentorbitowlpaperpersonal logPetròn AnnejophasingphysicspipplanetplasmapokerPrime Directivequantum filamentquaratumquartersrabbitradiationraktajinored alertrockrosesaucer separationScotchsecondsenior staffsickbayslugsoccerspacespatial anomalystarstardatestellar cartographysubspacesyntheholtap dancetargteatechnologytequilatoyartrachertreetribbletwo-dimensional creatureuniformuniverseviruswar gamewarp bubblewarp factorweaponweedyear


Related media

This story runs concurrently through Star Trek: The Next Generation's second through fifth seasons, and several scenes specifically take place simultaneous with these episodes:


  • This eBook is the last of six in the SCE: What's Past miniseries, celebrating the fortieth anniversary of Star Trek.
  • This is the final numbered eBook in the series Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers. The series was renamed Star Trek: Corps of Engineers beginning with the next title, Turn the Page.



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