Maracu was a 23rd century Parraca woman. She was the telepathic leader of a group of Parraca who lived on the planet Alpha 332.


In the 2260s, she lived in a small village on the mountainside of Biluddin volcano. She was their priestess and considered her people "children of the fiery one".

In 2266, she led a large group in prayer on the mountain amid swirling sulfurous gases vented by the volcano, trying to salve its anger. Their communal telepathic broadcast was strong enough to be detected from a distance of millions of kilometers as audio signals by the Federation starship USS Enterprise.

She subsequently met James T. Kirk and Spock, who was capable of understanding her telepathy. Spock warned her that the volcano was due to erupt, and convinced her to evacuate her people off the mountain. She lent the officers a pair of Parraca beasts so they could ride to the other side of the mountain and warn the neighboring Turraca tribe. (TOS comic: "The Gods Have Come!")



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