King Marat

Marat was a male Aarakian. In the 2260s, he was the king of Aarak III.

He had greenish-gold eyes, blue/gray skin and trimmed white hair. His daughter was Princess Sharday.

History Edit

In 2268 or earlier, the Federation negotiated a dilithium mining agreement with Marat, trading dilithium for gifts and technology. But a faction known as Traditionalists claimed Marat's family grew fat on the deal and had lost their way.

In 2269, Marat received an emergency visit from the USS Enterprise, which had burned out its dilithium during an encounter with an ion storm. Sharday provided a bad replacement crystal in an attempt to destroy the ship. Seeing an explosion in the sky, Marat lamented the loss of the Enterprise to the visiting Spock and Leonard McCoy, unaware that the plot had been foiled by Montgomery Scott. (TOS - Year Four comic: "Issue 2")



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