The Maratekkans were a spacefaring species.

In 2371, Quark was in business with a Maratekkan. Regulator nodes were part of the deal, leading to an incident where they became polarized in the storage compartment. Quark blamed the Maratekkan for the incident. (DS9 novel: Wrath of the Prophets)

A big Maratekkan was present on Imprima and partook in something like a game and a trust exercise, where a person was held onto by the arms above a pit that contained an isak and was passed around the rim while the passers tried not to let that person fall. This individual, along with a Pandrilite, were the first ones to dangle Will Riker over the pit as he was trying to get information on Teller Conlon. (TNG novel: Fortune's Light)

As the individual was described as being big, it is unknown if this size was common for the species or size varied for each individual.

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