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"I knew things were too good to be true!

"Our sweetheart stock deal with TriMark won't be worth lizard lips if we can't stop whoever has been hijacking the dilithium shipments. If the TriMark shipment next week is hit, our margin of profit will drop to nothing and we'll lose the Two Brothers. We'll have to take matters in our own hands if we want to keep the ship!

"Hmmm... I wonder if that Orion 'trader' named Akalzed knows something about this..."



Alemir AkalzedAkinaMark CalverZarg GaronDurag GorNaroc GronkernRichard JurgensRojh KellakGruvar KherS'ras LankharDeborah LansingRobert LawrenceJomo MboyaKaren MorrowAlexi OrlovDavid RossJames RossMaria SandovalOmalla SindikhabhSorekChristine SorenssonMahendar SurhadPharig TokharvU'KowlJoseph Winter
Referenced only
Cyrano JonesKharkHarry MuddSarekRobert Winter

Starships and vehicles

Gavikugh (Kraphija-class) • Roulashakballih (Argon-class) • Two Brothers (Mission-class) • Vishnu (ship)
Referenced only
USS EntepriseUSS Rommel


AlstaffirhColsitar MountainsCoridanDenevaKairai ColonyKairait'korrRazan ProvinceRussiaScotlandShilankh ProvinceTellarTerraUnited States of AfricaUnited States of AmericaUnited States of EuropeVegaVulcan (planet)

States and organizations

Akalzed EnterprisesDescale Resources, Inc.Federation Spaceways, Ltd.GruphargStarfleetTarsine MineralsTriMark Industries

Races and cultures

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Ranks and titles

captainchief engineerdoctor

Weapons and technology