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Marie Javins is a comic book colorist who worked on all but issue 10 of the Star Trek: Early Voyages series.

Credits[edit | edit source]

number title published image
1 Flesh of My Flesh 1 February 1997 Cover image.
2 The Fires of Pharos 2 March 1997 Cover image.
3 Our Dearest Blood 3 April 1997 Cover image.
4 Nor Iron Bars a Cage 4 May 1997 Cover image.
5 Cloak and Dagger (part 1) 5 June 1997 Cover image.
6 Cloak and Dagger (part 2) 6 July 1997 EV6.jpg|Cover image.]]
7 The Flat, Gold Forever 7 August 1997 Cover image.
8 Immortal Wounds 8 September 1997 Cover image.
9 One of a Kind 9 October 1997 Cover image.
11 The Fallen (part 2) 11 December 1997 Cover image.
12 Futures 12th January 1998 Cover image.
13 Future Tense 13th February 1998 Cover image.
14 Futures 14th March 1998 Cover image.
15 Now and Then 15th April 1998 Cover image.
16 Thanatos 16th May 1998 Cover image.
17 Nemesis 17th June 1998 Cover image.
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