Marita Llorente was a female Human, born in 2247. In the late 2260s, she was a student at Berkeley University, and while she was studying there, gained notoriety by becoming the leader of the anti-Prime Directive organization Students for Stars for the People. In early 2269, she gave birth to a son, Alexander.

In mid to late 2269, shortly after the Talin IV disaster, Llorente met former Starfleet officer Spock, who convinced her that he shared her opposition to the Prime Directive. With her help, and that of her partner, Penn Grossman, Spock was able to gain the credentials to address the Federation General Council, where he did speak against the application of the Prime Directive, though only in regards to Talin IV. Despite this deception, Llorente believed the legal questions raised by the Talin IV incident helped advance her cause, and she became an aide and advisor to the ambassadors from Talin, Seerl ti'La and Orr ni'Li. (TOS novel: Prime Directive)

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