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For McHenry's mirror universe counterpart, see Mark McHenry (mirror).

Marcus 'Mark' McHenry was a male Human/Being hybrid Starfleet officer who served in the late 24th century. He served as the flight controller aboard the USS Excalibur and the USS Excalibur-A.


Family history and early life

Mark's ancestor was Carolyn Palamas, a Starfleet officer who served on the USS Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk in 2267.

Palamas was part of a landing party that encountered the Being who claimed to be the Greek God, Apollo. She had a brief relationship with Apollo, which left her pregnant. Palamas sent her infant daughter, Athena, to Earth to be raised by her sister and Carolyn reportedly died soon after of celebium poisoning in 2269.

McHenry was the first male descendant of Apollo, and the first to have any extraordinary abilities. He was born on Inferna Prime in the year 2340 to George and Sheila McHenry. Nicknamed "Sandy" (short for Sandman) by his grandparents. Apollo's brethren, who called themselves the "Beings", immediately sensed something special about him. The Being known as Artemis took an interest in McHenry and visited him on a regular basis, although only McHenry could see or hear her. She called him "Marcus". (NF novel: Being Human)

When McHenry was eight, an incident with Artemis caused Mark's father to leave and never return. In later years, upon McHenry reaching puberty, McHenry and Artemis' relationship would become a physical one.

McHenry angered Artemis in the year 2357 when he rejected her plan to make him an "Ambassador" of sorts between the United Federation of Planets and the God-like Beings, choosing instead to join Starfleet Academy. McHenry barely escaped Artemis' wrath with his life. (NF novel: Being Human)

Starfleet Academy

McHenry entered Starfleet Academy in the year 2357. McHenry's squad consisted of himself and cadets Soleta of Vulcan, Zak Kebron of Brikar, Tania Tobias of Earth, and Starfleets first Klingon recruit, cadet Worf.

Cadet McHenry in 2357.

McHenry's heritage gave him an uncanny grasp of navigation and Stellar Cartography. In class, he would seem to be barely paying attention to the instructor, but would then be able to answer her complex questions right off the top of his head without the use of, indeed faster than, a computer. McHenry also had the ability to sense his whereabouts anywhere in the galaxy, without then use of instruments. He could also sense the slightest alteration of a ship's heading. (TNG - Starfleet Academy novel: Worf's First Adventure)

It can be speculated that when McHenry and squad made their "journey" to Prometheus Station in Worf's First Adventure, that McHenry knew that they were really on a holodeck, but chose not to draw attention to himself by mentioning it. It could also be that he didn't realize that the others hadn't noticed that they were in a holodeck.

McHenry was part of the Starfleet team that traveled to the colony world of Dantar IV when the Federation/Klingon co-venture was experiencing problems. During the voyage to Dantar on the USS Repulse, several of the Repulse's officers, believing that McHenry's distant nature made him the perfect pigeon, invited McHenry to sit in on a poker game. McHenry wiped the floor with them.

McHenry and his squad chose to remain behind on Dantar when a Brikar attack forced an evacuation of the colony and the evac ships reached capacity. (TNG - Starfleet Academy novels: Line of Fire, Survival)

Starfleet officer

McHenry graduated from the Academy in 2361. His first assignment was as navigator on board the USS Valentina. On the Valentina, McHenry quickly gained a reputation as one of Starfleet's best, if most eccentric, pilots.

In 2368, McHenry was part of a team attempting to design a new navigation system that would allow ships to travel along the event horizon of black holes and other singularities. Unfortunately, only McHenry with his godlike senses could successfully make the run. (NF short story: "Singularity")

The Excalibur

In 2373, McHenry was assigned to the USS Excalibur under Captain Mackenzie Calhoun. Also on board the Excalibur were Mark's Academy squad-mates Soleta and Zak Kebron. (NF novel: Into the Void)

Mark served as the Excalibur's navigator until the vessels destruction in the year 2376. When the Excalibur's crew only had five minutes to evacuate the ship before its warp core breached, McHenry used his powers to somehow slow down time, allowing all hands to reach escape pods. (NF novels: Dark Allies, Being Human)

Soon after, McHenry and Kebron were undercover on the planet Liten when they encountered the omnipotent being known as Q. To Kebron's shock, McHenry was able to resist Q's power. Q then hinted that McHenry wasn't what he seemed. The suspicious Kebron later inquired as to what Q meant, but McHenry denied everything, claiming that Q was simply messing with their minds. (NF - Excalibur novel: Requiem)

Return of the Beings

Being Human.

Mark was serving on the Excalibur-A in late 2376 when the Beings returned. The Beings offered their ambrosia, the source of their power, to any race that would offer them worship and attacking those that wouldn't. When McHenry refused to join them, Artemis attacked McHenry with a lightning-like energy-bolt, apparently killing him.

In truth, McHenry was in stasis, his astral form unable to affect reality, and only visible to others with Godly powers. In this state McHenry assisted the most powerful of the Beings, Woden, in imprisoning the errant Beings in another plane. The victory cost Woden his existence.

Before he died (or discorporated), Woden transferred the inner essence of his powers to McHenry. After bidding a farewell to his shipmates, McHenry left the Excalibur to walk the stars and act as sentinel against the possible return of the Beings or any other trans-dimensional threat. (NF novels: Being Human, Gods Above)


In 2379, a mirror universe version of McHenry appeared, sending haunting visions to Captain Calhoun and the crew of the Excalibur. The visions included the destruction of Space Station Bravo, Admiral Elizabeth Shelby, and the Excalibur. Meanwhile, the prototype time-ship being developed by the Daystom Institute, the Paradox, was hijacked by Admiral Edward Jellico. It was eventually discovered that the Jellico who hijacked the Paradox was from the mirror universe and was working with a parallel version of Mackenzie Calhoun. Mirror Calhoun's plan was to bring the Paradox to the mirror universe to be used against their enemies. It was Mirror McHenry's hope that Captain Calhoun could talk his mirror self out of this unethical scheme, and save Shelby's life. (NF comic: "Turnaround")

New Thallon

Mark returned in 2380 and woke Soleta from her coma and together they joined once again the crew of the Excalibur in captain Calhoun's crusade against the D'myurj, the species that exterminated the Xenexians.

He left the ship with Robin Lefler and her son when Prime Minister Shintar Han, with the help of Xyon of Calhoun, sent a group of warships to intercept the Excalibur and threatened to destroy the ship if Lefler didn't return with Cwansi to New Thallon.

On New Thallon he quickly displayed his new powers and incapacitated all the assassins sent by the Prime Minister to kill Robin and Cwansi. (NF novel: The Returned, Part 1)

Shortly after he started a romantic relationship with Robin Lefler. (NF novel: The Returned, Part 2)

Cwansi's life was once again in danger after Shintar Han asked his god, the Awesome, to dispose of him. The Awesome turned out to be no other than Q, who had developed an interest for McHenry.

McHenry found himself transported in the Q Continuum where Q offered him a chance to become a Q himself but he promptly refused, for this reason Q challenged McHenry to a fight but was unable to prevail because unknowingly to everybody the Female Q was dampening his powers. At this point Q decided to move his battle to the physical world and challenged McHenry to a gladiatorial battle: if McHenry won, Q would leave them alone but if he lost then Q would simply kill Cwansi and his mother. (NF novel: The Returned, Part 3)

Although McHenry won the first challenge he found himself losing a swordfight against Q, but before the latter had a chance to kill him a repentive Xyon of Calhoun intervened and beamed Cwansi, Robin and McHenry on his ship, shortly after an annoyed Q appeared on the ship and stated the the real issue of their situation wasn't McHenry but the presence of Cwansi on New Thallon and kidnapped him. (NF novel: The Returned, Part 3)



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