Markus Seidel (died 2246) was a 23rd century human male and resident of Tarsus IV.

A security officer, Seidel was an ally of Adrian Kodos and continued support of Kodos after the latter took control of the colony at Tarsus IV.

Feeling that Alexander Simmons was not a true believer, in the wake of what Kodos called "The Sacrifice" he sent Seidel to kill Simmons before Simmons could betray Kodos and his followers to colony law enforcement or Starfleet. Simmons, however, was able to turn the tables on Seidel and killed him in self defense. After killing Seidel, Simmons hid at his girlfriend Joanna Robarge's residence until a Starfleet team led by Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Lorca took him in to custody. (DSC novel: Drastic Measures)

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