The Enterprise battles brigand ships at Starbase 13

The Marrat brigand was an organized criminal movement in operation in the Marrat Nebula in 2254. The group of criminal elements who operated in the Nebula included: Arcturan, Khodini, Orions, and renegade Humans. They were allied by Commander Kaaj of the Klingon Empire; hoping to maintain chaos in the dangerous region by preventing the successful completion of Project Pharos, a galactic lighthouse which Starfleet was building.

The brigand's tactics included hit and run attacks on Starbase 13, the base of operations for Project Pharos and Starfleet activities in the Nebula. The brigand was eventually driven off by the USS Enterprise, called in to assist the starbase. Shortly after Enterprise tracked down Kaaj and drove him out of the region. (EV comic: "The Fires of Pharos")

No specific name was given for the group, just that they were a brigand in operation in the Marrat Nebula.
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