The Shuttlecraft Marsalis was a Federation Starfleet Type-11 shuttlecraft which was attached to the USS Titan from its launch in 2379. In keeping with the other shuttles on Titan named for jazz artists, this craft was named for a number of musicians named Marsalis. (TTN novels: Taking Wing, Sword of Damocles)


In the year 2381, the Marsalis, along with the Ellington II, Gillespie and Holiday, was refitted to aquashuttle configuration to explore the class O planet, Droplet. (TTN novel: Over a Torrent Sea)

In October, 2385, the Marsalis rescued Tuvok, Nog and Thomas Riker from Klingon General Shaniq's detention facility on Nydak II. (TTN - The Fall novel: The Poisoned Chalice)

In late-September, 2386, Captain Christine Vale had the Marsalis along with several of the Titan's auxiliary craft remotely used as a small attack fleet to assist in engaging the Breen dreadnought Kulak above Husnock Prime. As well as to cover an away team aboard the runabout USS Nechako led by Commander Dalit Sarai to confront Spetzkar commandos. To further distract the Breen, Lieutenant commander Ranul Keru had each of the shuttlecraft execute a microsecond jump to warp speed slipping past the Kulak's targeting sensors and right up to its shields detonating all craft at once, due to a trio of quantum torpedoes secured inside their passenger compartments. The sacrifice of the shuttles was almost enough to incapacitate the Kulak, but it was able to continue engaging the starship Titan. (TTN novel: Fortune of War)


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