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Marv Wolfman is an American comic book writer and editor who wrote and edited several Star Trek: The Original Series issues for Marvel Comics before becoming the first Star Trek editor for DC Comics.

Wolfman has worked on numerous titles for both DC and Marvel, most notably as writer of the seminal limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths for the former company (with pencilling by George Pérez, inking by Mike DeCarlo and Dick Giordano, lettering by John Costanza, and colouring by Carl Gafford). He was previously married to Star Trek comic book colourist Michele Wolfman.

As a teenager, Wolfman became friends with fellow future Star Trek comic book author Len Wein. [1]

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Writer[edit | edit source]

Star Trek (Marvel)

Editor[edit | edit source]

Star Trek (Marvel)
  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Marvel Super Special #15, 1979)
    • #1: "The Motion Picture" (1980)
    • #2: "V'Ger" (1980)
    • #3: "Evolutions" (1980)
  • #4: "The Haunting of Thallus!" (1980)
Star Trek (DC Volume 1)

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